We Shall Never Forget Their Sacrifice

One of “Those things” happened the other day and I got to thinking.

This is the result, with a little research on the Internet. This one is a prototype made from 1/2" plywood and has a diameter of about 8 1/2". The next run is about 10 1/2" in diameter utilizing 3/4" Red Oak. Some of the mistakes, the wood needs to be sealed first so the paint does not bleed through. The color differences of the plies makes it appear that the profiles are ridged, they are smooth.

Not all who died because of their Service to our Country died while in Service to our Country.

Thanks, Rex

Doug told me how he seals his end grain and it worked really well. Dilute epoxy 50/50 with acetone to make it thin and runny and apply quickly before hardening. Does a great job of closing off grain while not adding a thick layer.

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