What is your hobby?

Hi Everyone,

here on off-topic post comment your hobby. Let’s see how many of us have a common hobby. Building wood ship kits is my hobby.

Hello, Andrew. In general, woodworking is my hobby, but I don’t have a specialty in there. I do all kinds of cabinetry and furniture.

Another hobby is playing the trumpet.


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Thanks databaz, That’s nice I appreciate your skills. I am in stage of learning to build wood ship kits.

Hi Andrew I also love to build wood ship kits.

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That’s really nice Lissa and thanks for the link, its really helpful for me. On which project you are working currently.

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working on VANGUARD MODELS and you?

Kogge von kampen wooden model.

That’s nice in past I work on that if you need help ask me.

Sure I will, Thanks.

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