What's the manufacture/size of the Random Orbit Sander @ the shop?

I’d like to purchase some of my own sanding discs to bring in and wasn’t sure about the size and manufacture of the sander so I make sure I get one with the right holes. Is it a 5" Ryobi?

I don’t know the answer regarding the size, but I highly recommend mesh discs like the Abranet discs from Mirka: https://www.leevalley.com/en-us/shop/tools/supplies/sanding/discs-and-pads/59471-abranet-sanding-discs

You don’t have to worry about aligning holes and they last longer. I use them all of the time. They sell them at Rockler and TH&H.


A better question might be why isn’t the orbital sander listed on the Members Shop-> Tools listing.
Seems like this would be one of the primary uses of the tool list, ie manufacturer/model so members can purchase their own supplies for the tool(s).

I check the Sanders section and the Handtools section and did not see it listed.

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The shop has standardized on the Bosch 5 inch variable speed. We standardized on this one because its a good one widely used. I personally have one at home and its stood up well over time.
Its an 8 hole version so 8 or 4 hole paper works.

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