Working with High Pressure Laminate to Make a Shelf

I have a client that wants me to build her a shelf similar to this one. Do any of you have experience with High Pressure Laminate (HPL). the description for this shelf indicates that is the material used on the shelves. She wants a light green laminate on plywood core - similar to this.

Question does anyone know of a reliable source for this material? i haven’t checked with Home Depot or Lowe’s yet but wanted to check with some of you that may have worked with this material or similar.

Are there tips and tricks I should know about in working with this material. If I have to laminate the wood myself and there needs to be a seam to make the piece long enough is there a trick to making it appear seamless? Just checking with others that may have experience with this type of material.

Thank you in advance for any insights you can provide

Rob Sandstrom
Rob Sandstrom Designs

No clue on sourcing the laminate but it’ll be even harder to find the arrowhead hardware at each end. :rofl:

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Rob, I would try Frost Hardwood, there just off Miramar, near the shop. They used to have a huge selection of laminates.

Thank you I an I will check them out.

Travis I need to look closer at the arrowhead hard ware. I hadn’t noticed special hardware. Thank you for pointing that out.

Glad you have a good sense of humor. :grin:

Interesting, I never knew Formica was the original HPL. I’ve seen it put onto countertops and it’s just glued then rolled. Once the glue dries a router is used to trim the excess around the perimeter following the plywood edge(with bearing). It’s a common technique, or it was before everyone went to stone countertops, so there should be dozens of videos on installing it on youtube.

Ya, webp file formats are a PIA when you want to pull and image from a web page. Luckily the ImageMagick package I have installed has a tool called ‘convert’ which lets me take any file format and covert to others. ex: convert test-image.webp test-image.jpg
It’s an extra step but it’s easier than screen or window captures, cropping and then trying to find the exact size of arrow hardware to match.

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