Zoom Classes, Help Wanted

Just making this a formal call for helpers! :crossed_fingers:

It looks like we will be another month of stay at home and I would like to put some Zoom classes on the calendar for the Shop members and the SDFWA general members.

  • If you are feeling the desire to connect with people from the shop and have a subject you would like to make into a class I can help you formalize the idea.

It could be a 1 session (probably between 1-2 hours) class or a multi session class that meets on Zoom once a week.

  • I am also looking for Zoom experts or online class experts who want to help make these sessions work by helping people convert their ideas into online classes.

  • Please share to this thread or email me personally if you want to toss around ideas that you think will work well.

  • If you are able/willing to help members get on to Zoom if they cannot do it on their own. (phone support to walk someone through their first time)

I think we could have a list of people who can help, and if a member gets stuck trying to get Zoom to work they would have a list of phone numbers to call.

This is all in addition to the Zoom hangouts that have already started and are really fun and will continue for a very long time I hope!

Thank you for staying connected and helping our membership to stay connected.


p.s. If Zoom online class are your passion and you feel strongly you would like to lead the charge to make these classes a reality I would be excited to hand you the baton,

reach out to me personally and we can chat about it!

I’d be glad to help. I’m pretty good at doing support - helping people get into the meeting, troubleshooting errors, etc. I’d also be willing to teach a class, although I’m not sure on what.

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Thanks I will add you to my contacts list of helpers. So far everyone seems to be able to Zoom when they need to. :smiley: