$10 hacked calipers for the CNC

I was thinking of doing this for the Ortur laser for when I get my Z axis added but then realized it might also be handy to have on the CNC to measure stuff.

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That’s a pretty cool hack and more universally applicable than my solution. If you find the source for that exact caliper then please share. That’s a quick and simple project which I can see many of us doing.

sure, it’s already in my cart. It’s plastic so very easy to work with for customization -


Oddly I find that it’s now in my cart too! :grin:

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Very cool, though the link to the 3Dprinter file would complete this :slight_smile:

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the link is in the video but it’ll cost ya $0.94 cents… I would have it already but I really dislike having to sign up for yet another system just for a $1 part…

When I get my calipers from Amazon I will use my other calipers to measure its parts and design something similar in FreeCAD.

I don’t see how the original design keeps the calipers perfectly perpendicular to the 3D printed parts nor how the holes are drilled to get you accuracy.

A possible improved design would to 3D print the bottom portion with a breakaway segment which included a surface to mate the jaw to before cutting the jaw and break-away part off. This way you can interface the jaw with the horizontal surface in the break-away part, drill the holes using the 3D printed holes as guides and then cut off the jaw and break-away section.

Same should apply to how the 3D printed parts lines up on the sliding jaw side. Without this there could be inaccuracies because the caliper is not perpendicular to the work surface.

My calipers arrived so my next stop is:


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It’s a simple project to complete.
The hardest parts were the nuts and bolts.
I eventually just inset hex nuts with a soldering pencil.

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