Special Interest Groups

Luthier Making stringed instruments is what we do. 3D Printing In woodworking, 3D printing can be invaluable for problem solving. Vacuum hose adapter, anyone? Custom jig? Replacement part? Here we delve into all types of 3D printing and at all levels of expertise. Teach. Learn. Collaborate. That’s what this forum is for. Fundamentals Fast Start topics help you quickly build a knowledge foundation for woodworking. Design Using Digital Tools requires CAD and there are many options. However, life would be simpler if one package fused all requirements into a single package. Better still, if it was backed by a company known for CAD with long staying power. Hence, Fusion 360 is a choice to rally around and this group is about growing our skills within the SDFWA community. Origin The Shop purchased a Shaper Origin with funds gifted to the SDFWA. It’s amazing. A handheld tool with a workstation that can take CNC anywhere. Join in and help everyone learn what’s possible and see projects done with Origin. Turning Woodturning is a deeply rewarding form of woodworking. With the right tools and technique, there is almost no end the projects that can be created on a lathe alone. Join those who share the passion to turn. Tell stories, share technique, and learn from one another. Specials Welcome to the Specials SIG, the place where prospective new SIG themes come to test the waters. Spotlight Experienced woodworkers have stories to tell and a body of work to share. In this series hosted by Michael McElhiney we find and engage these accomplished artists for your entertainment and education Shop Tours How do other SDFWA members set up their workshops? Seeing one Shop in its entirety (Shop Tours) or one aspect in multiple Shops (Shop Tours Select of CNCs, workbenches, lasers,etc.) provides insight. The videos are an hour well spent and follow-on discussion happens here. Community Builds Community build projects are discussed here. Epoxy Resin One part resin plus one part hardener equals 10 parts magic! Discuss projects, techniques, products and show off your work. We also post videos from our SIG meetings. Come here to wallow in the combination of wood and epoxy. CNC Milling Remember when you first saw a CNC working its magic? Whether that was recently or years ago, it started you down a path. At any stage of your CNC journey, this category is for you. Ask questions. Get answers. Share experiences. Nerd out! Laser SIG Laser cutters are wonderfully simple but also super cool. This topic is for those of us who just can’t get enough of them. So many things you can do with them! Share your projects. Discuss what to buy. Learn about hacks. Jump in and have fun! Gift Build Our biggest fundraising effort for the SDFWA is our Holiday GIft Sale of items built by this group. Hand Tools No cord. No computer. Just a millennium of refinement and expertise behind these timeless hand tools. There is a distinct place for hand tools and we plan to explore it. Specific hand tools will be discussed (e.g. planes & saws). Key topics will be explored (e.g. sharpening). Come and join us on this journey!
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