Reusable Epoxy Mold-making

After the last SIG meeting I decided to try making an HDPE plastic mold, the kind that won’t leak and can be reassembled. Step #1 was to find some 3/4” HDPE that wouldn’t break the bank.

San Diego Plastic’s scrap bins are something I look into when ever I’m in their neighborhood (Chula Vista by the Bay). Today they had HDPE in abundance so I bought some 3/4” to make some molds. (I didn’t want any thinner because I wanted plenty of material for hardware inserts.)

I had checked Amazon previously so knew what to expect at retail. HDPE is kind of expensive unless it’s scrap sold locally which costs you $4/lbs. There was lots to choose from. I spent $40 and this is what I got … plenty to play with.


Just to give you a sense of what was there and available, below you can see two 16” round 0.75” pieces and an 8’x5” piece of 1.0” scrap. Lots could be done with that too.


Looking forward to see how you build your molds.

I can’t wait to see how I do it too! :smiley: