Shaper Origin Workflow Documentation

Do we have a workflow doc for the shaper origin? I was in the shop today working on dovetails. It took me a while to remember all the steps presented in the class. It would be great to have a workflow doc that would remind us of the steps. Maybe that could be included in the shaper origin box.

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The way I get my guidance is from the screen of the Origin itself. Basically you work down the right side menu where each choice presents a menu on the left. Scan. Design. Cut.

I don’t know of a document that would help other than the list of certified users on the front of the Origin Systainer. Many of those people could help you, especially Jeff Bratt since he teaches the certification class. Jeff is quite the expert!

Understood. But if you haven’t used the Shaper Origin in a while there might be steps you miss. Maybe just a single page or even a small card with the basic workflow would be helpful. Not overly detailed but something to help job your memory.