Inexpensive Acrylic


We’ve discussed the cheap sources for scrap acrylic before but not since San Diego Plastics moved. They’re now off the west side of Interstate 5 in Chula Vista (1121 Bay Blvd, to be exact). After the move they changed their pricing (though acrylic is still only $2/lbs), instituted a minimum ($30), and put in place a credit card fee ($1). At the same time they improved their stocking area, it used to be a giant dumpster you’d have to dive into.

While there I flipped through their scraps inventory. It’s worth stopping by occasionally as you never know what you’ll find-for-cheap. Today they had some nice mirrored acrylic, some beautiful deep red and navy blue acrylic and lots of clear. I might have bought some had it not been for the new minimum and that I already have an inventory. :innocent:

All in all, San Diego Plastics still a great source for project acrylic.


Travis, I have not used these materials in any of my projects. Can you give me some examples of what they are used for?

Two quick examples are for using acrylic for underlit etchings and structural builds but honestly I mostly use acrylic for precise hacks: spacers, height gauges, etc. Examples of each of these three can be seen below.