Snowflake ornament made from names

It does require registration to do much with it but…

I found that if you create your design on the initial page and then click the edit in Cuttle button, then you can select-all, copy the design and paste it into Inkscape.

Once in Inkscape I ungrouped and selected the snowflake outline and convert to path(vector). Saving the design as SVG(Inkscape std file format) will allow LightBurn or other apps to import the design having 2 layers. The black layer for cutting the outline/hole and the blue layer to engrave the text.

Turns out you can copy and paste into LightBurn but both layers were set to Fill operation and you’ll want the black layer(ornament outline and hole) to be Line type. Either way works great.

The cuttle registration is free. Once registered I was able to just download the SVG using the download button on the page. Then in lightburn I just opened the file that was download. No cut-n-paste. Easy

Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s great to hear that you’ve found a workaround for using the software effectively without registration. Creating a design on the initial page and then using the “edit in Cuttle” button to copy and paste it into Inkscape seems like a clever method.

Converting the snowflake outline to a vector path in Inkscape and saving the design as an SVG file format with two layers (black for cutting the outline/hole and blue for engraving the text) is a useful tip for users of LightBurn and other similar applications.

Overall, your explanation provides valuable insights and tips for those who want to use the software without the need for extensive registration and access to additional features. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!