Spiral Marilyn Image

Came across a cool resource at SpiralBetty.com and gave the Spiral variation a shot. I can’t say it turned out great but I learned a few things and can endorse it for experimenting with. On a 4.5"x4.5" piece of two-layer acrylic I performed a test.

The entire acrylic was only 0.125" thick and the black layer was less than 1/20 of the thickness. That made getting a consistent cut difficult. Lesson #1: If you use a super thin top layer then make sure you bed is perfectly planed. Lesson #2: Don’t run the risk, have a thicker top layer if you’re using a two color laminated material. I probably asked for too much detail in a project so small. Lesson #3: Pay close attention to the Rings function in SpiralBetty and don’t ask too much from your project size.

Anyhow, it was fun and I may try Betty’s Lines and Dots functions too.

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Does it play ‘I want to be CNC’ed by you’ when you spin it on a record player?
Still looks cool and art deco-ish.

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“Boop boop be doop!” :laughing:

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Thank you for sharing your experience. You are one of the best in this forum a doing that. Much appreciated.