Laser Marquetry SIG Follow-up

First, thank you for your interest and for attending today’s Digital SIG meeting.
Mark and I appreciate your enthusiasm for Laser Marquetry at the SDFWA.
Second, congrats to David and Gerold for winning Image Paint software!

For your reference from today’s meeting:

  • Image Paint software from Amazon Canvas
    SDFWA Discount of 10% using code WOODIEGO ($100 becomes $90)
    (A 15% rebate comes to SDFWA to fund our laser marquetry program.)

  • Diode Laser Deals (10 Watt)
    AtomStack X7 Pro
    Ortur LM3 LE
    omtech Light B10
    AtomStack P9

  • Corel Draw Supported Versions
    Image Paint works with CD 2019 thru CD 2023
    The best deal for this is the Education Edition.
    As an educational 501c3 we qualify for this version.

  • Image Paint Learning Calls (Bi-Weekly)
    The developer holds calls at 7:00 AM every other Sunday.
    If you’d like to join these free events then write to us.

Lastly, here’s a link to the slides we used in today’s presentation.

Watch for more news in coming weeks and thanks again for your interest!

Travis…thank you for publishing this information. I guess I will need to learn how to use this forum better now that the Epoxy SIG is up and running.

That is great, imagepaint sure has come a long way in the last year.
I do hope someday the SIG meetings will allow remote participation, as they sound like great fun.

We’re hoping to ignite a small community of interest.

It’d have been easier if you were still here. :innocent:

The forums are free and easy but usage is low.
Digital tools folk seem most predisposed.
Young people too seem comfortable.

I see value in the forums so I keep plugging away!

Use code FLASHMOB and get $140 off Ortur.

In stock now, this is a wonderful laser for veneer marquetry … I own two of them!

Only $339.