October will be a cleanup month for projects

October will be a cleanup month for projects. We plan to meet every Friday at the woodshop. Your help is needed.

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Dan, can you provide more detail?
When does the clean-up session run?
What activities will volunteers be asked to do?

These will be goid questions for our Friday morning meeting. Hopefully Doug will join us for the discussion. Before he left we talked about this.

We feel the inventory is sufficient for the sale, so we will shift from new projects to a combined effort to complete partial projects. I do not have a list so we should solicit input.

I believe we have a couple of tables and a fancy car on Doug’s list. Paul may have wine boxes. Gary may need chopsticks. Mary could need small quantities of turnings to meet expectations. Etc.

Good morning Dan - I’m new to the club and woodworking and would like to help and I’m especially interested in learning how to use the chopstick maker. I didn’t see a time noted for your Friday gatherings and I’m not sure if it’s open to all members, however, if all members are welcome and you’re planning on meeting after 4pm I’d like to learn more.




You can join the Zoom call this Friday and get all your answers.

Suffice to say, the next workshop sessions are on October 2.

Welcome aboard!

Thanks @SDFWA - I signed up for the online meeting for this Friday and if I don’t have any meetings getting in the way I’ll try to get logged on. Sadly the workshop times conflict with my paid work so won’t be able to attend but I’ll try to figure something out.

Sorry, the meeting ended a little abruptly and I didn’t have an opportunity to ask about chopsticks. Does Gary still need them? I’m going to be at the shop tomorrow and if I have the time might try my hand at making a pair.

October is a cleanup month for projects, and we organize weekly meetings every Friday at the woodshop. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.