Post-SIG Epoxy Projects

After Rob held his first Epoxy SIG I pulled out my resins. Yey! They hadn’t gone bad. After some time daydreaming I came up with a few small projects.

  1. A simple multipour in a stock bamboo cutting board.

  1. A small live-edge river multipour Texas coaster.

  2. A Washington Nationals neon backlit desktop sign.

Looking forward to seeing others work here and/or at the next SIG meeting!

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Nice response to the challenge. All are pretty cool, I gotta bunch of small bamboo cutting boards from Dollar Tree just two days ago. They were 1.25 each. I got them to play on my laser and with epoxy. I like what you are doing. The one that intriques me most is the Go Cats neon backlit desktop sign.


Here it is right after it finished curing …

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