Adjustment to Titling? - 2021-12-19

I was reading a science book last night and realized we may be mistaken here. It is 4D printing - width, depth, height, and TIME.
Just downloaded a Thingiverse file for my wife. Not sure I will actually print it, 1 day, 22 hours, 39 minutes.

3D Print time-1d22h39m-2021-12-19


Make darned sure you get an EXCELLENT first layer!!! :rofl:

at .2mm layers, 20% infill my old slow Makerbot Replicator 2 says it’ll print in 1d19h and my 4 or 5 year old $200 Ender 3(original) at 30mm/s says 22h and at 35mm/s 19h. I would expect a new machine should do better than these unless you’re looking at .1mm layers.

If you have the patience and the time, increasing the speed can be interesting. First I would crank up the Travel Speed to 100mm/s or even 125mm/s, then increase the print speed by 5mm/s until you see or hear effects like perimeter walls starting to separate or extruder skipping from pushing plastic out faster than it can be heated(increase temp by 5C might help) and you should shave some off that 4th dimension.

Changing the speeds is something I have tried before, just by guess. I just spent about 20 reading the various PrusaSlicer menus again and it shows that I am printing at 80mm/sec after the first layer. The first layer is at a speed of 20mm/sec.

I think you have just sent me off into another exploration of PrusaSlicer and changing its defaults. I changed some earlier and ended up deleting the application and reinstalling it. Lesson learned is that I am screen printing the values before and after any changes so that I can reset them.

Right now printing a Harry Potter sign, Thingiverse project from my wife, only 8 hours and 43 minutes. I think she filters them by “Show me everything with print times in excess of 5 hours and related to Harry Potter or Disney.”

The Bean got her Christmas present cookie cutters yesterday and we made about 3 dozen cookies. She loves them.


If you have the same Prusa Slicer I have then you can save the settings for each tab(Print Settings, Filament Settings, Printer Settings) so that you always have previous settings. My Prusa Slicer has a little square box next to the setting name at the top of each tab( I run mine in Expert mode ). When you click the little square Save icon it will give you a name which you can change. I have 4 machines so I have settings names like “Ender 3-LinuxCNC-35mm_sec”, “Ender 3-Fastest-HatchboxGreen”, “MBRep2 Stock”.

You can also save your group of config settings using the File->Export options. So no need for screen shots of configuration pages unless you want to see the red marks next to the configuration settings you’ve changed before you save the config.

80mm/s is pretty fast so I’m guessing you are printing low layer heights for fine detail( .1mm? ) and have a small nozzle size( .30mm). Mine nozzle diameter is .40mm and I print .45mm wide lines and usually .2mm layers.

Sounds like you’re busy making many things. Maybe a 2nd machine will help cut down your time. :wink:

I no longer put the Thingiverse file projects on the site. Creative stuff, if I ever get that far, yes. Prints free to the world? Nope. I do put most of them up on my homepage,
I will look into saving configurations. I did some of that earlier, based on a Prusa video and got into a bind.
The nozzle is 0.4 mm, Prusa standard/default.
My wife generates probably 15 projects per week and maybe 10 of them will actually get printed. With the bird feeder, changing the supports effects print time, obviously. However, for the time and filament consumed, the woodworking shop is much more efficient. I can do metal work in the shop and have done cookie cutters using sheet metal. While they worked, it is too laborious and too finicky.
A second machine? Maybe, most likely not. While I am having a lot of fun printing this stuff, if I buy another “toy” it will be another train set - just purchased an S Scale American Flyer, or a bigger, more powerful laser system. The little 15 watt system is great for etching woodworking projects, fun but limited.

Prusa XL! Get in line now for late 2022 delivery.
The build volume is huge and the heads seem credible.
Perfect first layers with the load cell sensor, it looks a full-on winner.