All About Glues

Once upon a time I learned about this amazing site: THIS to THAT.

That said, I didn’t do much with it because I had my go-to glue products for my go-to combinations of materials. Also, it’s a complicated topic. There are SO MANY glues. Each have strengthens (literally) and weaknesses (literally). I’d never seen a shortcut to climbing the glue curves.

Who’d have thought I’d get my glue education from a curmudgeonly old Brit whose career was imagining and building mechanical arcade games? His descriptions are understandable, his examples are compelling and he covers a long list of glues. In the beginning he lists them all with time stamps if you’re curious about just a few but the first time through I’d recommend watching it all. It’s roughly 50 minutes and worth it.

Here’s his novelty arcade game website; the store is in central London.