Anyone have the Carbide 3D Compact Router

Hey Folks,

I’ll be purchasing the Shapeoko Pro machine sometime within the next few months. Was wondering if anyone is using the Carbide 3D router on their CNC and how you like it?

I notice is goes down to 12,000 RPM whereas the Makita goes down to 10,000. Does anyone think there’s a need or significant benefit to the lower speed capability of the Makita?

For the longest time Shapeokos came with the Dewalt 611 by default. That has a speed range that is higher at the lower and lower at the higher end (16,000 - 27,000 rpm) than either the Makita or the Shapeoko. Consequently I don’t think the difference between 10,000 and 12,000 is that a big deal.

While it would be nice to have brushless motors, the spindle clamp only accommodates the two trim routers you’re considering. On the plus side, if I remember correctly, the Shapeoko spindle comes with spare brushes.

Since you’re thinking about how to get started you might also consider a water cooled spindle much like Mark Stook has installed. I was tempted and I remain tempted but for now I am happy with my Shapeoko spindle. We’ll see if that changes in coming months.

Congratulations on getting yourself a Shapeoko!

I purchased the Shapeoko router withe my XXL, the first had a grinding sound out of the box and died very quickly. Carbide3D shipped a replacement without return required on the very first contact. I have been using the replacement for over a year, probably 100+ hours without a hick-up. I have swapped a Makita in place a couple of times and run both at max speed, all my work is wood, soft and hard. Since I have other jigs for the Makita, the Carbide3D stays in the XXL as a general rule. I swapped to see if it made a difference. I didn’t notice one.

Only comment of clarification is the Carbide3D router comes with a 60 degree V-Bit, if you are a fan of the 90 degree V-Bit due to math issues, may want to add it to the order. The supplied bits have been holding up very well.

I am hard to please and I like the Carbide3D router.


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It is interesting how similar the Carbide 3D router looks vs the Makita RT0701C router from the side images they show.

I did not see a photo from the on/off switch side but FWIW, lots and lots of users in the CNC forums have gone with Makita and it’s what i purchased(not a Shapeoko). Seemed it was because of the wider speed range, the reliability and speed stability. But again, the Carbide 3D router sure looks like a Makita with a different colored plastic cover…

I suspect that the Carbide3D router is subcontracted out for production. Manufactured by whom, I am not willing to guess. However, common parts are used my numerous manufacturers and the brushes between the Carbide3D and Makita are a common element. I use and like both of them. Nice trim routers. As stated, my Carbide3D stays in the XXL, the Makita goes in jigs and such and is used around the shop. I figure they are 97.3% interchangeable.
I will compare my two for differences again, as Doug says, they are incredibly similar in appearance. As with many tools and equipment items, most trim routers are very similar in dimensional values. Without researching it, I think that 90% of the trim routers have one of two barrel diameters. 98% of the U.S. market trim routers have 1/4" collets while European trim routers go metric.

Thanks for the feedback Rex.