Can someone test this in Lightburn

Attached is a Lightburn file which I have setup for use with Ortur with the origin in the left/front.
I have a problem which shows up when I start Lightburn and it’s defaulted to my K40 which has the origin in the left/rear. The error is when I load the file it will show up inverted, then I switch to my Ortur device and the image flips correctly except for the curved words “I Give In To” at the top of the design.

Just want to know if it shows up on Lightburn versions for platforms other than Linux. Thanks.
IGiveIntobeer.lbrn2 (109.7 KB)

1- Starting Lightburn and it defaults to a device with a different origin(left/rear) than attached file(left/front).
2- Load the file and it’ll show inverted in Lightburn.
3- Select a device with an origin set to left/front, Ortur Laser Master in my case.
4- The design will properly orient itself except for the upper text “I Give In To” will remain inverted. See picture above.

note: If I open Lightburn, set the device and then load the file, the design is completely oriented properly.

Wish I had an Ortur to help out since you help us so often.
Gave mine to my son-in-law, a nascent woodworker.
Hopefully someone else here will lean in to help!

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BTW, this does not require any machine be connected, just the device definitions so anyone with Lightburn installed can test this.

I don’t see the problem on LightBurn 1.0.02 on macOS.

I also don’t have the fonts used, but maybe that doesn’t matter.

But then, I don’t see the problem on Linux, either.


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Thx for the feedback Paul. If so inclined, can you try using these device configurations?
After importing the 2 devic configurations, select the smoothi then load the design, see it upside down, then select the ortur device and you should see only the “Give In To” text not invert like the rest of the design.

dev_profile-smoothie.lbdev.lbrn2 (2.6 KB) dev_profile-ortur.lbdev.lbrn2 (4.4 KB)

OK, I was able to import your two device profiles (after trimming the .lbrn2 extension off the end of the filenames).

I do see the issue now, on both Linux and macOS, but not precisely as you describe it. When I load the design under the default Smoothie device, the text “I GIVE IN TO” is right side up, but the other text is flipped. Then when I change to the Ortur device, ALL the text flips, so “I GIVE IN TO” is now wrong and everything else is right.

It appears that a left/rear origin triggers the issue but a right/rear origin (what I use and thus what I tested against) does not. Very strange.

Do you have some reason to suspect this would be platform (OS) dependent? I can try it under Windows too if you think that might help.

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Went ahead and tried Windows. Exact same results.


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Thanks for doing the test Paul. I posted this issue to the LightBurn forum and got no response but since I didn’t know if it could be reproduced on other platforms I only stated my platform. I can now update the post with the info you provided. It is a weird one but thankfully there’s a work-around.


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