Challenges printing Prusa shields

So I spent a great deal of time today trying to print the prusa shield headband with pla.
Went through tons of bed leveling, temperature settings, recalled that I set up the incubator and so had increased humidity in the room, so switched out the filament…

Finally finally, change the nozzle? I’ve never had a clogged nozzle (since I stopped using glitter filament with my old printer). That solved it! I’m back in the game.

I have to say after about 6 months of consistent daily use, this was the first trouble I had with the Ender. I’m really happy I got it. Meanwhile my home-made delta printer is just sitting there looking like a pretty robot that doesn’t do anything. :frowning: I should get her working again someday. She was really fun to watch.

Always buy the spare parts, you will need them someday.

Any idea why swapping the head helped?

The video will start at a discussion of the Prusa face shield.

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As Paul shared in his Hand Tools Online SIG, he’s been printing Prusa Shields for local healthcare workers. Below you can see an array of them laid out in Blue. He continues printing shields in an effort to make a positive difference under these difficult pandemic circumstances.

We should all be so high minded!

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If you’re curious to see a Prusa shield being worn:

Hi Susan.
How is the printing going and which one are you making. I really like the Visorshield Mk3. I took a bunch of them to Sharp Yesterday and they were very appreciative. I have been cutting the clear shields out of acetate on the laser and will be ordering more soon. Let me know if you need any. P.

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Hey Paul!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, so much is happening at my house. Including a new puppy that we got on Valentine’s weekend.

I have been asked by a group to make the Prusa RC3 headbands only, I’m a tiny branch in their network of people making things. Kind of like a distanced printer farm.

It’s going well. I only have 1 ender 3 pro printer functioning so it’s slow going. They provided me a spool of PETG and I had never used that, so took some calibration. Plus I have requests for Bias Tape makers now and have been making those. I drop off a batch every week.

I ordered some replacement parts for my printer yesterday, the magnetic mat actually tore! And the hotend sock looks like it might be ready to come apart. The extruder is squeaking after about a half day of running, so I’ve put a tiny bit of lubricant in there. I should probably take it apart and clean it.

While that stuff is running itself I am sewing cloth masks. I also learned that quilters have robots! So… someday I may have to look into those sewing robots.



I just swapped the nozzle. When I first ran PETG through it, I wasn’t running the temp high enough. I could probably swap that nozzle back in and then run it at 245 to push the clog through.

I’ve seen others do clog removal with clamps, lighters, and a metal pipe cleaner like thing sized for nozzles… But haven’t tried that. Seems like a good way for me to start a fire.


Thank you Paul for doing this!

To unclog my nozzles I use acupuncture needles of the right diamater.
Someone packaged them for 3D printer use and I replenished with that kit.
Check it out but if you only use one diameter nozzle you’ll get unusable needles.

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