CNC Help Needed for SDPD Project

Folks, Mike heads our outreach program and could use some CNC help: “I currently need carved, via CNC, logos for the SDPD. See the large badge in the picture.” You can see this badge above his head in the bottom picture of the post. His contact info is in the article.

Looks and sounds pretty cool but no way that sign will fit on my 3040cnc with a working area of 290x375mm (11.4" x 14.75").

But if that sign design was in CAD then those 4 ‘scroll’ sections and the center could be separate parts to be glued/attached to the main shield part… Then there’s a chance many of use could help with the CNCing.

That type of CAD design would also make it possible to make signs for many many other departments.


Does anyone have some type of computer file on this?
I found sone line art on the web but if we had an svg or anything as a start I would be glad to take it apart and make smaller pieces.
They wouldn’t be cnc files but svg or something but then you cnc pros would have a starting place.