Design SIG May 10 - Automated Blast Gates for Dust Collection

It’s time for another monthly Design SIG meeting! After several sessions focused on the various desk projects, it’s time for something a bit different.
If anyone in the group has specific questions, issues, or would like to share their projects or something they have learned, that would be great. We are always looking to make sure the SIG is relevant to attendees as much as possible.
For those who have used Fusion 360 to do CNC projects, there is a contest you might be interested in:

If we have time following the group discussion, we can go through the design of automated blast gates for the dust collection system in the member shop. There have been several designs implemented in the past but we have seen premature failure of the linear actuators. We have a candidate design that is intended to address what we think may be the sources of premature failure.

  • perhaps additional suggestions will come from the group - many heads, parallel processing, group creative incubation, and building on suggestions of others
  • the candidate design can illustrate some key skills:
    • importing off the shelf components from miscellaneous sources as well as McMaster Carr
    • creating custom components to fit
    • using joints to assemble
    • add motion to joints to demonstrate operation
    • export STL files for 3D printing
    • export DXF files for laser cutting
    • generate gcode for CNC milling simple outlines

Here is the link to Punchpass to sign up: SIG - Design on May 10, 2021 - SDFWA Member Woodshop • SDFWA Member Woodshop

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Looking forward to this SIG!

I use iVac automated dust gates at home (plastic version).

So far, they have worked well for me.

We had a good discussion! Here are some items from the SIG. Links that were posted in the chat window were:

pneumatic with parts list - Automated Blast Gate for CNC Router - YouTube

Here is the link to the Fusion 360 model shown during the SIG. Feel free to download it and have fun with it.