Filament Material Reccommendation

I’m interested in printing various pull string dongles for my scuba equipment. Fun shapes like fish/sharks/etc. I had a friend mention that I should probably use ABS for this instead for PLA because of the strength and salt water exposure.

I don’t really know much about the different types of filament used for 3D printing and their Pros and Cons. I’m looking for recommendations for types of filament to use to make these dongles? Is ABS the best choice? What type of filament do we have on the printers in the Shop? Do we have restrictions of the types of filament we can use with the printers in the shop?

I bounced around google today and there are a lot of folks out there doing this kind of thing. Including the link below because he discusses and provides links to different types of materials (roughly $30 per roll). Most of his examples are using PLA and the infill % used seems to be the key more so than the material. Balancing strength vs any needed buoyancy. The shop has 4 or 5 colors of PLA, though none of them are neon or super bright. Hope this helps and please share


Great insight, thanks!