Hand Tool SIG: Block Planes

You’ll get the point when you see the tabletop covered with block planes but there are so many types! Paul walks us through the variety, shows us how to adjust them for proper use and demonstrates how to get different effects with them. Seriously good stuff and yet another example of how learning more about hand tools makes us all better woodworkers.

00:13:45 Doug Glessner: Dallas, there is someone asking to be let into the meeting via my text msg
00:23:46 Travis Good: Products | pfeiltools
00:24:35 Doug Glessner: Woodcraft has a sale annually where they discount these chisels at 20% off
00:25:17 Travis Good: Doug knows ALL the deals! :slight_smile:
00:25:51 Doug Glessner: Gotta make my money go further to buy more tools!
00:26:45 Travis Good: More TOYS!
00:29:49 Doug Glessner: Pheil makes a great 6 tool starter set that Paul references, sold at Woodcraft for @ $200.
00:30:03 Travis Good: Link?
00:33:38 Travis Good: https://www.harborfreight.com/split-leather-welding-apron-45193.html
00:34:41 Paul Schankin: yea…tool envy
00:35:10 tom caughlan: DTS Leather n El Cajon has a huge selection of scrap leather sold by the pound. Nice folks.
00:48:11 Paul Schankin: are you going to discuss clamps/hold down/other means of holding workpieces?
00:56:09 Doug Glessner: CNC Travis!!
01:02:25 Paul Schankin: something that can be done at midnight and not disturb the neighbors/family…
01:07:45 Doug Glessner: Exactly! When I took the class at Palomar, I had to travel alot for work Overseas. I took my project and tools with me to the hotel, and in stead of partying like a teenager, I carved in my hotel room! Much more rewarding when you’re over 50!
01:08:25 Travis Good: Carved “in to” or “in” your room?
01:08:37 Travis Good: Leaving initials everywhere?
01:09:41 Doug Glessner: I actually took a mat with me to protect the furniture!