How do other apps allow you to define how deep your part is within the stock material

The developer of Kiri:Moto is asking users about a change and I’m wondering how all the software you all use does this?

From Stewart(Kiri:Moto developer):
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At present, “Z Top Offset” is the only way to control how a part is located relative to the top of the defined stock. I’m proposing replacing that with a “Z anchor” which would be one of: top, middle, bottom.

@tim.peachey any chance you can tell me how you define a design which is below the surface of the stock material in VCarve? I’ve seen in other forums people looking for how to adjust their placement of the design in a piece of stock and currently the slicer I’ve used and plan on continuing to use(Kiri:Moto) only has a Z offset from the top surface of the stock material. The developer is looking to change that so I was wondering if VCarve also only has a single “top” or “bottom” reference you can change. Thanks.