How to color code your SVG designs

Color code your lines and fills and Shaper Origin will know which cut applies.

Travis, just an FYI, Jeff did good with his Shaper Class. Showed some cool joints; much easier to do them with the shaper than the traditional CNC. Very good value for class. We pointed out he needed to have a handout that goes thru the steps as the info came very fast, and we moved quickly thru projects; but we need a way to go back and repeat. Next step is a design class, and using the colors in your post should be part of that.
Felt good to be back in the shop… looking forward to being there more often.

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Jeff has a constructive infatuation with Origin. It builds nicely on a long-term passion he’s mastered: routers. It’s been a joy to watch him explore, experiment, refine and bring different joinery to life. I can understand how you enjoyed the class.

On the subject of a handout, here in Austin I’ve recently taught the class five times. I’ve relied very much on the native UI of the Origin as the workflow guide. If you focus on the right side tabs (Scan, Design, and Cut) then from top to bottom is your flow. Each tab has fly out menus on the left which, again, you work from top-to-bottom with few exceptions. (Design’s submenu I’d prefer was Grid then Import then Create). Within Cut’s menu you simply iterate as you move from vector to vector and from pass to pass. It seems to work for my Austinite students.

Regardless, this forum is a great place to discuss such things.
For some I’m sure a handout would be useful.
Perhaps someone here could write it?

Glad to know you’ll now be visiting the shop more often than “almost never”! :blush:

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