Image Modes for Scanning

It’s been along time since I read the LightBurn descriptions for each of the image modes. Thought I’d try a few of them out on a picture of my granddaughter. If you read the descriptions it says Jarvis is likely best for pictures and this example proves that out. It also says that Grayscale is really meant for 3D engraving, which I knew worked but thought it was more for images. Live and learn!


I’m looking to engrave some pint glasses. But I will run some tests first on just panes of glass. I’ve been playing with my images in lightburn and software I agree the stucky is probably the best.

What feeds/speeds should I use for fill engraving of letters on glass and for image engraving? Just need ball park numbers especially since the 2 lasers are a bit different. I’m watching a youtube video that is using speed=10 & max power=14. Should I be able to go a lot faster? Seems pretty slow (I don’t know what laser they are using).