Laser-Cut Globe Lamp

I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but I couldn’t stop myself from making it.


It is pretty. Could you enter it in Design in Wood at the fair?

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Thanks for the feedback but it’s not an original design.
It’s a variation on a design from a maker on Instructables.
There were several things I learned in doing it … worthwhile. :+1:

It looks good. Does this mean that you have the new machine up and running?

Great design and execution. Love the dual living hinge and engraving to product the depth of the land masses. And not only the wavey living hinge design for the water but also continuing the pattern between segments. Very nice!

And without pins to hold the gap between segments consistent!

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I do!
I love it!
See it here.

Disregard the price; it’s just a placeholder.
Production really hasn’t ramped up yet.
I paid less than half of the $6,500.

Here’s my recommendation.