Little Free Library Scavenger Hunt

Get out of the house.
Take a Little Free Library field trip.
This national event is perfect for our project!

All the details can be found in this article.

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Did anyone take part in this and see any design ideas we could model?

I’ve visited a few but will do more visiting as I drive around.
How will I find them? How about with this Google map?
Anybody else want to add to this research effort?

We had planned to do the scavenger hunt but something came up and I forgot.

BTW, there is one at 1270 Oliver Ave, 92109 which is not listed in that google maps search.
Free Little Libraries in San Diego

Similar to our design …

… with built-in solar charged lighting.

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Another scavenger hunt coming up on August 7.
This time it’s coupled with a hunt for Gnomes!
On The Hunt For Gnomes — Unplug Collaborative