Looking into a 3D Printer

Okay, the Shapeoko is up and running, the Ortur is up and running.
Looking into a 3D printer for the workshop.
Comments about which ones to consider, avoid, what to look for, software requirements, filaments, etc.
Primarily to make stuff for the house and kids.
If you want your comments via e-mail,

I’ve never strayed very far from the platform I’ve had great success with: Prusa.

The MK3S is the current of the classic:

However, I also have the mini at half the price only sacrifices print volume:

Congrats on setting up what will soon be a very decent digital tools suite!

Really like the info on the Mk3S. Is the included software enough or, is there a necessary upgrade?

For a production workflow it’s all you need.
The Prusa Slicer isn’t design software.
That said, most start with Thingiverse.com.

I have very good results with the Ender Pro 3 and Ultimaker for slicing.
I use it primarily for prototyping or small parts for other machines, I’ve done some small figurines for tabletop gaming that came out pretty well. Nothing as great as what the resin printers can do though.

That said, it seems like Ultimaker is making a lot of updates and now has forgotten my settings, which is not a happy experience when I had them all figured out.

I forgot the adage “Save often”. Make backups of favorite settings. :slight_smile:

I’m am jealous of your Shapeoko.


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Thanks for the info. Will definitely look into it.
Your comments about Ultimaker are interesting. My Shapeoko with both Vectric VCarve Pro and Carbide 3D’s Create was giving me issues of inconsistent depth. More often with VCarve. And their tech support was useless. New computer, new leadscrew vs. belts for Z movement, new version of VCarve MAYBE I have the solution in place.