Lumbercycle Shop Tour

At long last we were able to get Tom Hamilton of Lumbercycle on a virtual tour of his Encinitas, Ramona and National City facilities. We also learned about his organization’s history, mission and programs. Best of all as woodworkers, we learned of an excellent source of affordable wood which helps further Lumbercycle’s goal of maintaining carbon sequestration.

00:21:03 Travis Good: Write to Tom at
00:21:08 Alan L: Mark the guitar pick had some lines that are tooo small
00:26:50 Michael mcelhiney: I have some info about a recently downed cork oak available today and tomorrow
00:28:30 Mike Reidy: I’m interested
00:33:17 Michael mcelhiney: I have pictures and location.
00:39:31 Dan Gonda: What variety of wood do you stock?
00:40:54 Paul Schankin: how is visiting the shop for buying wood handled? reservations? social distancing? other?
00:41:14 Ed Baize: If you want to contact them for an appointment to shop for lumber, you can fill out a request form here:
00:41:17 Ed Baize:
00:42:56 Patti: Thanks Ed!
00:44:22 Michael mcelhiney: Slow down??
00:46:31 daniel: can we buy wet wood rather than waiting for it to dry?
00:50:59 David Collins: How problematic are nails and screws in trees when milling urban lumber?
00:52:15 Esther Assemat: probably peppermill
00:54:30 Tim: Is there an online inventory of currently available
00:54:49 Tim: Is there an online in
00:54:57 louadzima: I have two Sheoak rolling pins Gary brought to me from them.
00:55:32 daniel: most peppermill blanks are 3" by 3"
01:04:26 daniel: sheoak cracks quickly too
01:05:17 Rob Sandstrom: How long before this video will post. I want to share with a friend that is a turner and then setup an appointment.
01:05:29 daniel: do you have walnut available in turning blanks?
01:05:35 SD Fine Woodworkers: I’ll get it up today.
01:09:10 Dan Heck: will you cut silky oak?
01:12:01 Paul Schankin: what happens to the waste?
01:15:26 SD Fine Woodworkers:
01:16:33 Paul Schankin: thanks Tom!
01:18:11 Mano Dracolakis: Can the kilns be fumigated?