Many problems with Shapeoko Pro XXL

Hey People,

Is anyone else having issues with a Shapeoko Pro machine? I bought a Pro XXL last year and have had problem after problem with it. So far, I’ve had to replace the z limit switch, z motor, z cables, x limit switch x motor cable and even the controller board!

I had many intermittent failures initializing the machine and recently freezing during the bit setter cycle and loss of x and z during a cut. After a round of troubleshooting and new parts, we discovered some loose connectors on the controller board that were presumed to have been causing intermittent errors so that was replaced.

Then after all that, I got the issue with freezing during the bit setter cycle - again… Another round of troubleshooting and the theory was that somehow my bit zero magnet was touching the bit zero probe during the bit setter cycle and causing the freezing. It sounded like a good theory so after making sure they weren’t touching, I ran many successful, complex test cuts.

Then today, I went to use the machine again and the z limit switch and x motor are failing. Some wiggling of the connectors and more intermittent success and failures.

I simply can’t believe all the trouble I’m having and am terrified to use the machine for fear of an intermittent failure on production cuts.

Needless to say, I’ll be talking with support on Monday again. Other than sending me all new cables, limit switches, and motors, I’m not sure what we can do at this point. My confidence is shaken in this machine I wanted to love so much.

Does anyone else have a Pro machine with problems?

Have you made sure your machine power circuit is the same as the computer running the software and the grounding system on the circuit is good?
I’m thinking there could be some sort of ground loop triggering noise sensitivity.

If your control PC is a laptop try running on battery so there is no chance of a ground loop. Just thinking that this might be noise related. Speaking of noise, make sure your machine is not on the same circuit as your HVAC or any other motor( washer, fridge, etc ) since big AC motors are noisy.

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Thanks for the advice, Doug. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of circuits to choose from in the garage but I can use battery power for my PC.

Regardless, my issues are clearly related to bad quality parts from Carbide3D. They won’t admit they are having quality issues but sadly, they clearly are. Troubleshooting with the tech support, we have identified defective part after defective part, even to the point of having to replace replacements. My last batch of parts included a cable with the wires switched in the connector, resulting in malfunction when connecting to the machine.

The tech support rep. is now going to get parts shipped to him first so he can verify they’re good before shipping to me.

I’m sure Covid and resulting supply chain issues are a part of the problem.

oh wow that’s terrible both for you and for Carbide 3D. Support issues are very costly for a company and in so many ways. Sounds like they need to start doing 100% inspection and testing in-house instead of drop shipping direct to customer until they get to the bottom of their manufacturing issues.

Electrical noise can cause all kinds of flaky things to happen but not miswired connectors! Doing what you can to eliminate noisy AC interference will go a long way to helping pinpoint the other problems. Good luck and keep us updated.

Update, Carbide 3D sent me a bunch of new components after receiving them at their factory and testing them. At this point. We’ve replaced just about everything on the machine and it’s working great.

It was an unpleasant experience but I have to say I am grateful that they in fact did take care of me and they also agreed to give me a brand new warranty coverage.

A side benefit of the whole experience was really learning all about my machine by debugging, testing and rebuilding it multiple times. There’s always a silver lining in life’s trials.