Need: Corel Users to test Marquetry Software

The developer of the premier laser marquetry software is looking for testers.
His Amazon Canvas is being extending from AI-only to include Corel Draw.
This first beta is for Corel 2021. Own a copy? Curious to test it? Write to me.

and here I was thinking he/she was using Artificial Intelligence(AI) to create marquetry tool paths.

C’mon Doug, Adobe Illustrator! :grin:

Yes, I quickly figured that out when I followed the link and looked at the site.
I guess if you’re not scanning the general tech sectors you won’t see that the other AI is spreading into everything. I’d just seen a site where I guy is using AI(not Adobe’s) to generate daily images of birds!
Flocking AI Flocking AI - A Blue Star

Sign me up! I want Amazon canvas, but have held off because of the requirement to use AI. I used Corel years ago so a good fit. Please let me know what I need to do.
Thank you,