Nomad 883 Pro For Sale

I am selling my lightly used Nomad 883 Pro due to time and space constraints. It has been modified to attach a vacuum for dust collection. It includes a threaded table, several cutters and miscellaneous other items as shown.

I am asking $1850. You can call or text me at 760-415-7755.

For anyone not in the know, this is a deal.
I paid $2,500 for a fraction of this set.
It’s a nice kit for metal and wood.

I’m going to be purchasing the shapeoko pro XXL machine soon. Do these desktop machines do anything the larger machine can’t?

If this will be your first CNC machine, I would recommend sticking with your plan to get the Shapeoko, particularly if you plan to use it for woodworking. The main things the Nomad offers are higher mechanical resolution, smaller footprint and integrated enclosure. It is good for working on smaller things that require high resolution such as jewelry. You would probably not want to have the Shapeoko in your office, but you could have the Nomad there. It is a great machine, but I cannot seem to find the time to use of it very often.

Here is an intro video by Winston Moy. He also made a video about creating a silver charm on the Nomad.


This is months late but is the nomad 883 still available? I just found this on a Google search

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