Online KrabzCAM toolpath generator

For any of you who are interested in trying different CAM tools to get the job done, here’s one I just ran across called KrabzCAM. It runs in your browser so you don’t even have to install anything.
Example: I loaded an SVG and it imported with all lines/items selected(green). I used the keyboard b to then make a box around everything to deslect. then I used the keyboard c key to do circle selection(anything inside or touching the circle is selected. Then click the “create” button, select the operation, customize the tool, speeds and feeds. Then click the “Generate GCode” button. After that you can optimize the motion and then save the gcode. Create another toolpath and do the same and/or save the project for loading later.


Online CAM tool for generating G-code from vector graphics and bitmaps.


User manual: Welcome to the KrabzCAM manual!

test gcode generated looked like this:

; *** File generated by KrabzCAM Thu Feb 23 2023 15:13:03 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) ***


; Files: TideClockWavesX.svg
; Operation:
; name = drill LED holes
; type = DRILL
; toolDiameter = 0.9
; targetDepth = 3
; peckDistance = 3
; plungeRate = 400
; safetyHeight = 2
; spindleSpeed = 10000
m3 s10000
g0 z2
g0 x345.49962758 y71.81252579
g0 z0
g1 z-3 f400
g0 z2
g0 x345.49962758 y61.81252579
g0 z0
g1 z-3 f400
g0 z2
g0 x335.49962758 y61.81252579
g0 z0
g1 z-3 f400
g0 z2
g0 x325.49962758 y61.81252579
g0 z0

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