Ortur Laser Master Pro

Just noticed this new version of the Ortur laser.
Haven’t delved into it yet but off the top I notice two differences.
Seems the Z-axis is now easily manually adjusted and there’s a cowl to shield the light.

If someone buys one then please share your learnings here. Thanks!

I just ordered one. Will be here next week. Anxious to get it.

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Great but an Ortur delivered in a week! That’s fantastic!.

Amazon has them listed.

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I couldn’t find it but maybe you got the last and they are indeed shipping from the US instead of China. I’ve been surprised before. Hope it works as you expect.

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Works great. Very happy with the results. It is the master pro 2 w, latest model.

The LM2 Pro is the latest Ortur Laser Master that I’ve seen but, as with so many other items, I can’t find it for sale at the moment. GearBest.com has been the best source I’ve found and a search today doesn’t even reveal the option of the Pro. The world is still FAR from back to normal.

Try this link.

Yes, but the tell tale signs it’s not a Pro is the lack of adjustable Z-axis and laser shade.

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I did get the adjustable Z axis, but not the laser shield.

Adjustable with the thumb wheel on a threaded rod as above?
The older design was adjustable but with screws on the backplate.
It wouldn’t be unreasonable that they’re simply upgrading their basic offer.

Threaded rod plus the focus spacer

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Ortur went away from adjustable lens and went with all models getting adjustable Z with fixed length lens.
Actually the lens does move it’s just a friction fit and slides instead of screws.

The Amazon linked machine is not the “Pro” version. You can see it doesn’t have the shield, the Y axis carriages don’t have the tall acrylic mounts and the Z does not have the range of the Pro and probably does not have 2 linear bearings on the sides of the acme screw. Besides not saying “Pro” in the title.