Project Request - Anyone willing/able to cut a template 35" x 4"?

A friend of mine is interested in finding someone who can cut a template (MDF sheet) that is 35" L x 4" W. It’s a simple template and should be a relatively fast cut. He’s willing to pay for the time on the CNC if anyone has a large format CNC and would be willing to make the cut for him.

Kurt…I could do this but I am leaving for a month long road trip so it would need to be about a month from now. You friend is probably in more of a hurry. Also, is there a reason why the person wants the template in mdf vs. Acrylic? Would be easy to make the template on the big laser in the shop.

Thanks Rob! I just thought of that myself, and offered the laser as an alternative solution as well. I think that will work great. He had mentioned specifically CNC, so it took me a while to put 2x2 together and realize that the laser was the way to go.

Kurt glad my response provided some possible help. It is fully understandable the thoughts went to mdf for templates. For so long that was what most people made templates out of - for routing, etc. Over the last several years with the growth of lasers and availability to people many more people are transitioning to acrylic templates. More durable and easy to produce. If an mdf template get’s wet it is ruined, with an acrylic template you just wipe off the water and move on. Good luck. If you need laser or CNC services in the future I do take on this type of work, just hit me at a time I will be away from the shop for a long time.

Hey Kurt,

I can knock this out if he needs. Just let me know.