Prusa Sample Whistle in multiple colors-2021-11-22

I asked Prusa for the stl or 3mf format file for the sample whistle. A super first print file and it does show the ability of the Prusa printer to print in multiple colors without the MMU system.
If you want the file, e-mail me -


If that’s the whistle I’d done years ago and the “ball” inside isn’t very round let me know and I’ll dig up my fixed version. IIRC I split the STL open by subtracting a side, removed the ball, created a much more rounded ball, inserted it and then put the side back on. All in OpenSCAD.

The whistle is a great maker event demo item as it shows how different additive manufacturing is from subtractive manufacturing during much of the 3D printing and is a pretty fast print. That is depending on your settings and machine. My little Mini Kossel delta is pretty fast.

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No ball inside this one and print time without a brim or skirt is about 27 minutes so it is a super first project whistle for the Intro to 3D Printing class.
VERY shrill, VERY loud. My Wife hates it, my Granddaughter loves it.