Sat., Feb 20th, New CNC SIG

Saturday at 10:00 we’ll be Zooming the February CNC SIG.

@TravisGood (AKA @SDFWA) will be telling us about his new arrival, a Shapeoko XL Pro!

We’re also hoping to have Peter Tobias talk to us about the opportunity to help with a project for the SDFWA online store to offer personalized Mother’s Day gifts for sale.

As always, we are going to have a fun time and an open forum to discuss all we’ve all been up to and maybe get inspired with a few new ideas.

To sign up on PunchPass, click here.

As always, if you have topics you would like to suggest for future CNC SIGs, please let us know!

Here’s what Peter is gearing up to produce for our Mother’s Day Sale as a personalize gift. If he can attend then he’ll share his whole concept. Should be informative and hopefully will inspire others to help.