Saturday's Combined Meeting

Here is the link to the video from Saturday’s combined meeting of the SDFWA CNC SIG, Laser SIG, and Epoxy interested folks:

The video features our own Rob Sandstrom along with Shane Peters of sharing details about the methods employed to create elaborate multi-color epoxy pours using CNC or Laser to create the pockets.

10:15:54 From Paul Schankin : how deep are those cuts prior to epoxy?
10:16:13 From SD Fine Woodworkers : Nothing more than around 0.125".
10:18:16 From Paul Schankin : yep
10:25:03 From DougL : Shane, what CNC and spindle are you using?
10:25:42 From Shane Peters : Laguna Swift 4’ x 4’ and a 3hp watercooled spindle
10:26:00 From Shane Peters : I usually cut .15 deep
10:26:11 From DougL : nice! thx
10:27:03 From Paul Schankin : do you remove the workpiece at all or keep it on the workbed during the whole time…if not, then how do you properly index?
10:29:14 From Shane Peters : I always move the piece back and forth. sometimes up to 15 times (so far, that’s my record), and it goes over a 2-3 week process. I usually have 4-10 projects off and on the machine a day.
10:30:14 From Shane Peters : I have my xy0 set to lover left of the rails I put on my machine bed, the laguna is very accurate and I have never had an issue just using the same XY-0 for all projects.
10:30:31 From Paul Schankin : thanks
10:31:14 From Shane Peters : of course.
10:32:06 From I Martin : Has anyone tried to do a PhotoVcarve and then fill it? The depth will be shallow just wondering if that is possible?
10:35:01 From SD Fine Woodworkers : I haven’t but the key feature would be lots of shallow cuts, much like with the laser. Pouring multiple colors should work.
10:38:24 From Lance Grucela : Rob-- would you mind sharing the crv file after the presentation. For me at least, it would be helpful to be able to see exactly how everything is set up. Thanks!
10:39:10 From SD Fine Woodworkers :
10:44:00 From Paul Schankin : do you make a ‘berm’ around areas before a pour so that it contains the resin?
10:50:50 From SD Fine Woodworkers : Paul, there’s little enough epoxy used that it just pools on the surface. You just need to be sure the workpiece is level so it doesn’t run in any direction.
10:50:59 From Shane Peters : I use a silicon sometimes, or just tape, but the main thing I do now is make sure the board is very level to avoid it running all over my wife’s floor, which sadly has happened. hahaha
10:51:58 From Paul Schankin : thanks all…just was wondering if epoxy is so viscous that it runs everywhere
10:52:56 From SD Fine Woodworkers : Shane, perhaps later you could tell us about the type of resin you use for these projects?
10:57:49 From Shane Peters : absolutely, I have info for that.
11:02:26 From Paul Schankin : depends upon the porosity of the wood
11:13:28 From I Martin : So for precoating is it a simple skim coat or fill with clear or do you fill clear and then recut?
11:19:08 From Alan L : A supply list would be nice
11:23:30 From Paul Schankin : how about a word on color pigments
11:27:08 From Paul Schankin : wow…thanks for the info Gary
11:34:16 From I Martin : Travis, were those laser cuts with the Ortur, Blue/Green or other laser?
11:34:46 From I Martin : Shane are you a Wolverine? The license plate on the wall caught my attention… :slight_smile:
11:35:51 From DougL : this says no to lasering epoxy - Laser Cutter Materials - ATXHackerspace
11:36:42 From Shane Peters : my cell is -----------------
11:36:56 From Shane Peters : in case anyone has questions, I am always happy to help
11:37:14 From Paul Schankin : good reference Doug…thank
11:40:46 From Susan Lively Klug : Thank you so much Shane and Rob!