SDFWA General Meeting July 28th - Help!

Hi SIG members!

We are having the first on-site General Meeting in over a year and the Design SIG has been asked to have a table present. I’ve never been to one before, as I just joined SDFWA about the time the pandemic hit. I’m willing to put together a table and be there, but it would be great if this were a team effort. The SIG started out as Fusion 360 learning sessions, but we did a few fun projects along the way. Are there samples of projects that you can supply for others to see the benefits and promise of design?

I will bring fruit bowl as it is the best looking thing I’ve done. I’ll talk to the leaders of the desk projects to see if we can have at least one of the desks there. I know that others have done some nice projects involving CAD, and perhaps some of the other digital technologies - CNC, 3D Printing, Laser. Here’s your chance for 15 (actually more) minutes of fame!

Please let me know if you can lend us your work for the evening. Also, SIG members who can hang out for part of the time and explain how they use CAD to make stuff would be very helpful.

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