Sep 19 CNC SIG - Lasers?

Saturday, September 19th, we will have the next chapter of our CNC SIG. Our initial topic this week will be ‘Adding a laser to your CNC’:

I am in the process of adding a laser to take advantage of the ample bed on my Shapeoko XL and others have added lasers as well. It seems to be such a good idea! Hopefully we will hear from @Howard_Boehm, @DougL, @scubanimal, and @Rex for their perspectives.

In addition we will have a round table to discuss other topics and suggest topics for future meetings.

All are welcome - Laser SIG members, too. Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 10:00 AM PDT. To sign up you can click here, and to attend at the time, you can click here.

Hope to see you then!