Shop Shapeoko CNC Upgraded


Today we installed the new Z-Plus head on the Shop CNCs. This moves us from a belt-driven V-groove bearing-guided z-axis to a lead screw-driven rail-guided z-axis. In addition the Z-stepper motor is beefier and the gauge of metal is much thicker. Result? A much more rigid structure which should result in better quality cuts.

Below is a little insight told in pictures.

Mastermind Pat takes on upgrading the XXL.

The CNCs needed to be disassembled and reassembled.

Travis took the easy task of upgrading the smaller Shapeoko 3.

Dallas got in the mix with design and 3D printing to solve our dust collection challenges.

It’s really beautiful what he did with Fusion 360, be sure to check it out at the Shop.

Here’s what the new head looks like; note the lead screw, rails and motor.

The XYZ probe was spot-on and the first cut was flawless … we’re in business!

Can you please post some more pictures of Dallas’s dust collection solution for the Z-Plus head? I will be installing that soon and have been wondering if I could adapt my SuckIt dust boot or make a new one. I am not a fan of the small Carbide3D dust boot.

We’ll ask Dallas if he’s available to present this at Monday’s SIG.

I watched this video the other day just to see how well the new part was made and see if any ‘left-overs’ might work on my 3040 for when I put a 1/4" router on it.

Was surprised to see so much plastic in the posted pics here and realize now that the video was not of a Shapeoko part. Def time to upgrade when there are commercial upgrades like this going on from other CNC vendors. Should be an upgrade well worth the effort and it did take a bit of effort. Nicely done.

And in the video you can see how much disassembly/reassembly needs to happen.

Here’s a rendering of his adapter and Dallas will be sharing his experiences on Monday’s Fusion 360 SIG at 6:30. Check PunchPass to get the Zoom link.


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Cool, I look forward to his presentation!