Shop Vac Recommendation for CNC

I just ordered the my first CNC, the Shapeoko Pro XXL! This should be interesting putting a table together and assembling the machine given I am recovering from shoulder surgery. Oh well… I couldn’t resist buying now with inflation on the way and supply chain issues.

I’m looking for recommendations on a good shop vac solution. I don’t want to run my Rockler wall mounted system, seems like overkill. I also don’t want to run my old, very noisy, large, and overpowered shop vac.

I’m thinking a smaller, quiet, yet sufficiently powered shop vac, that might fit on a shelf below the machine would be good. Something with good filtration is a plus, but I don’t want to spend a huge amount on something too fancy.

Please let me know if you’ve been down this road and what you guys recommend. Thanks for supplying me with your collective wisdom and experience!


Oh, so THAT’S how you justified it to your wife! :joy:
How’d you convince her to give up the garage?
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I have this vac which is quieter and has great filtering.
The only drawback is capacity as 4 gals fill quickly.
To get its suction everywhere I use this hose kit.

Look at the dust deputy system. It is great. Saves clogged filters on vac. Hardly any dust gets in the vac.

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Found this looking up Dust Deputy - UGLY TRUTH ABOUT DUST COLLECTORS (Dustopper, Dust Deputy, Dust Right) - YouTube

I picked up a tornato type devicce like the Dust Deputy(2018 high efficiency cyclone powder dust collector filter quality new turbine separation capture vacuum cleaner accessories|Vacuum Cleaner| - AliExpress) and plan on putting it on a 5g HomeDepot bucket and then an old bagless vaccum cleaner for the source suction unit with the carpet beater/motor removed.

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