Simulate a Lichtenberg Pattern

A step-by-step guide can be found here:

Oh man, you got me. I’ve been looking for a simulation of the Lichtenberg Pattern for use on the laser and CNC so I got excited seeing the title. Unfortunately, it’s about using an existing SVG file of a Lichtenberg Pattern.

Still a very cool V carving and inlay project.

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I found something which said that Lichtenberg patterns can be approximated with Diffusion Limited Aggregation and tried a few. Getting close with this one:

using these options:
./dla-2d -p 0 0 -every 1000 -end 1000 -zone -2 2 -2 2 -dens -res 1000 -stick 1.5 -grip 0.7 -vel 200 1 -pen 0.1001 -stub 015.5 -rotex 5 0.0


Credible. Tiny, but credible.

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It’s not a well documented research project so it has taken about an hour of iterating through options to get that and setting the “-every” and “-end” values to low number give enough detail and generates in dozen+ seconds to make iterating less painful.

The docs say to check out setup.c to find out what options are available. If I can find a parameter to define the diameter of the trunk and ratio it tails off it might look a bit more compelling.

I’ve been looking for a good simulator ever since I saw a lightening strike pulled from the sand and heard about Lichenberg patterns. Doing it with high voltage is too scary for me but I love the look.