Turning Tool Techniques

I’m new to turning and have now managed to crank out plates, a candlestick, a bowl and a pen. To get to this point I’ve taken a couple of learning sessions and watched plenty of YouTube videos. When I think about what occupies my mind when I’m turning, it’s the question of which tool is appropriate and how best to use it.

Does anyone know of a succinct resource to answer these questions?


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I don’t know a trusted source. I do watch those considered the top of their field and what tool they use for various tasks. I’ve ended up with a fair collection of tools as a result. I found lathe turning to be quite addictive. Just wait till you get into segmented turning… And then there is the … I need a bigger swing… so a larger lathe starts calling to you… space though will limit you. Be safe, pieces do fly off at times.

Space is already a limit I struggle with! :slight_smile:
Do you have any YouTube channels to recommend?
The ABC (anchor, bevel, cut) of turning was a fantastic insight.

Just starting myself. Will watch what advice people give you that i may learn from myself. I know of a YouTube channel called “worththeeffort” that focuses on teaching the basics and techniques. Challenge is that he takes the teaching stuff very serious and assumes people know nothing - so - his teaching sessions take a long time. With that said he is thorough. I usually put him on 1.25 speed and get through as much of the videos as I can. Looking forward to what you learn and post.


I joined the SDWT but you can watch their monthly Zoom events as a member of SDFWA. The quality of their presenters is quite good. Also, I joined the AAW largely because their symposium impressed me so much and they have world class speakers. As an AAW member you can access their video archive which is rich.

One AAW source I found that wasn’t behind the pay wall was from Stuart Batty on Vimeo. His “Seven Fundamentals of Woodturning” was particularly good. He has some 35 videos on that video platform.

Lastly, be on the lookout for the announcement about SDWT’s next session. While you can’t watch all of it AND attend the CNC SIG meeting, what I usually do is watch the first hour of SDWT and then jump over to Ed’s show at 10:00. The topic this time will be Flame Texturing of Highly Figured Wood by Art Liestman. You can learn more when Mike sends out his next update on the 15th.

I second Rob’s vote on Worth The Effort (@wortheffort) on IG/YouTube.

The guy is very thorough but the best on YouTube in my opinion. When I say he can be ‘thorough’, I mean for a 1 hour video you might see 10-15 minutes of actual woodturning with the rest being his explanations. I file that under, “If you give me 6 hours to chop down a tree I will spend the first 4 sharpening my axe”.