Upgrade Carbide Create & Motion software

I’ve been looking at the software updates for carbide create and motion. The new version of Create is referenced as V7 and requires and update to motion build 565 or higher. I’m not positive if this these have been officially released or are still beta though

Is there anything happening yet to update the versions we use in the shop?

Per Pat, our CNC Maestro:

The current build for Carbide Create is 652 and the current version of Carbide Motion is 566.

Furthermore Pat says there’s enough change in V7 that he’ll wait till the dust settles before installing it on our machines. That said, he believe there are some interesting features in this upgrade and looks forward to making it available.

BTW, if you want to use the CC7 beta and save the gcode to a thumb drive, you could run that on the Shop machines. The Carbide Motion we have installed apparently will handle all the gcode from CC7. We just won’t install CC7 just yet so you’d have to edit using your computer.