Vectric User Group Meeting goes Virtual

We don’t have many details yet though we’re promised them soon.
For now, there’s a line-up of presentations across three days.
OK, that’s a lot of detail but no link nor confirmation that it’ll be free.

As soon as someone knows more, please share it … thanks!

(Note: the time is in BST (British Summer Time) or PST - 8 hours!)

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Reading thru the forum, aside from the start time which appears to be 3am PST (ugh). so I think that means we stay up Thursday night? But I did see all the live events will be recorded, and available for review (for free). For how long they will be available I did not find. I did see a cost if you want the clipart, gadgets etc. $49

Here is a summary to go with your agenda.

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Thank you for the heads up. I haven’t seen anything in my email yet. It may be there waiting for me to discover.

I just re-read Vectric’s posts, it starts 3am Wed night, so for us the conf is a late weds & Thurs & Fri. On the plus side the presentations are looking interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the laser options.

The conference details have been posted:
Beki’s introductory video is definitely worth watching.
Pitches can be re-watched on this site.

In an email from them (from June) they said

" All the included project files, 3D clipart, gadgets & more will be available to purchase for $49 following the online event. We’re offering this bundle FREE to anyone who continues with their booking to attend the 2021 user group meeting in San Diego."

I haven’t figured out how to claim it yet though, but since I forgot to ask for a refund, woo hoo!


Answering my own question… Look for the email with subject line:
“Only one day to go till the Vectric Worldwide User Group”
There is a link in there to download the UGM pack

Seemed like a cool bundle … I bought it too!

IT was a good bundle…