Video of howTo CAM for double sided guitar neck with browser based CAM tool

This video is another one done by the developer of Kiri:Moto which is a web browser based “slicer” to generate toolpaths for CNC, 3D printers or Laser cutters.

Here he shows how to use Kiri:Moto on a double sided guitar neck(3D model) which includes registration pins.

Kiri:Moto CNC Guitar Neck Double-Sided Challenge ( 10 minutes long )

So I found the bowl project video he mentioned which was to show the new features in Kiri:Moto CAM for milling double sided parts. Here Kiri:Moto is integrated as a tab in OnShape but the only thing that really does is make it super easy to import the part. Realistically this isn’t very difficult anyways if you use a browser to download your 3D model because I learned you can use the browser icon created after downloading to drag/n/drop the model into the Kiri:Moto tab of your browser. Anyways, this 6 minute video shows the techniques for getting your registration marks in your “stock” and in your spoil board then setting the different toolpaths( rough, outline, contour, drill, and tabs ).

Kiri:Moto Double Sided Milling ( 7 minutes long )

It dawned on me that you all might be asking what good is this since I have a CNC made by company X. Here’s a screen shot of my browser running Kiri:Moto with the Settings-CNC-Machines setup page open.

Maybe your machine is listed or maybe you see something having compatible G-Code showing.

note: It’s pretty cool that you can create or customize some of the special features of your machine with the “gcode editor” section and the buttons in the bottom center of the page.

This looks to be worth checking out. Thanks.