Video of May 15th SIG

From SD Fine Woodworkers : Here is a note about the Omer composite nail gun as used with CNC: Omer B17P Composite Nailer - B17P.763 | Avid CNC

From Paul Schankin :|

From SD Fine Woodworkers : See Jay Bates’ videos on YouTube to explain the use of the holes in the spoil board for position placement|

From SD Fine Woodworkers : Edge technologies for the gauge for tramming|

From Paul Schankin : Tiger Claw Clamps – Carbide 3D

Love those Tiger Claw clamps but the price is unconscionable.
Has anybody seen a third party alternative clamp?
Their low profiles is really appealing.

Here is an alternative:
Low Profile CNC Toe Clamps Shapeoko X-Carve or other | Etsyk_Cj0KCQjw16KFBhCgARIsALB0g8LbGCSNGFg5bIc1Spx26zq8vrBePP2xfUWpQDiP0ntP-8B86vXpckMaApnnEALw_wcB_k&utm_content=go_12565278184_123210950767_507187537626_aud-966866687174:pla-295604191622_c__840988275_249737903&utm_custom2=12565278184&gclid=Cj0KCQjw16KFBhCgARIsALB0g8LbGCSNGFg5bIc1Spx26zq8vrBePP2xfUWpQDiP0ntP-8B86vXpckMaApnnEALw_wcB


I was looking for a 3D printable version of The Tiger Claw design and hadn’t found any. I’d bookmarked the page showing the design and was going to do some CAD modeling but it looks like it’s been done.
Now to just find the 3D model or STL files… Also might be something which could be made into a mold and poured with urethane for a harder bite.

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Keep at it Doug!
The Etsy clamps look 3D printed too.
I’d be worried about applying too much pressure to them.